Founded in 1423H corresponding 2001G, in Mecca as a multidisciplinary office, providing design services, studies and technical consultancy services, and engineering of urban and building projects. In a way that commensurates with the privacy of the place, cultural facts, social and various environmental, Moreover presenting the projects as part of the design framework that correlates the present with the future.

During the successive years that have passed since its incorporation, the Office has managed to grow and develop, which empowered it to construct distinct and innovative many projects, get the attention of many constituencies, Mohamad BinMahfouz Consulting office has been ranked as first-class Engineering and Consultancy Office as per Holy City Municipality classification.

Where the office is presenting and developing a brilliant solution for the functional use of land of all project’s plots in various places, as well as the design of the horizontal elevations and facades. Moreover preparing all the necessary architectural details and interfaces, external perspectives, and modules of the project in addition to the preparation of approved specifications and quantities materials lists of the projects.

The office also granting the utmost experienced in the implementation of interiors for all projects, providing the desired indoor furniture design.

Our company specialized engineers study designs for the assurance of the project conformity to the specifications and instructions issued by the competent authorities. Create project-specific designs and grant projects design approvals from the competent authorities.

Preparing the necessary engineering reports and executing the coordination process with the customer.

Always, Adhering to the new releases and updates of the specifications and related instructions.

Our design approach is client-centered, collaborative, and comprehensive in its integration of live/work spaces, skeletal structures, utility infrastructures, and technology networks to meet the full spectrum of a client’s project requirements. To that end, we synthesize all A/E/C-related disciplines in every project and custom-design it according to the client’s unique aesthetic vision and functional plan for the project. Which explains why our projects neither resemble one another nor follow any boilerplate format.

We provide a unique integration of Architectural, Structural, Electrical, and Mechanical engineering services to assure our clients that their structures will be strong, safe and serviceable in all departments. Our expert company of licensed structural engineers begins with full analyses of each project’s physical specifications and limitations so they can engineer a custom structural support system that assures clients of their facilities’ safety and efficiency for their designated uses.

Projects Completed Till Date.

“Pioneering positive change in the communities we serve – and far beyond.”

Residential Development

We’re leveraging our commercial development expertise to expand and meet the need for contemporary family homes.
Covering a broad spectrum of residential property types including villas, townhouses, and apartments, we use state-of-the-art technology to develop high quality and energy-efficient properties, ranging from affordable, contemporary family homes to high-end, luxury properties.

With comprehensive real estate development experience, we oversee and manage the entire integrated development process, from architectural design and master planning, through construction and to final key handover – seamlessly.


Mohammad Bin Mahfouz ‘Perspectives’ thought leadership series provides a unique and engaging insight into the challenges and opportunities seen in core developmental business sectors across the rapidly developing Middle East and far beyond.


As a respected partner and a trusted advisor in the Middle East, Indonesia and Turkey, or ‘MENA’ region, Marei Bin Mahfouz Group and Co. is continually uncovering new potential to encourage and facilitate trading and investment opportunities that enable our partners and new markets to mutually prosper and thrive.