Since its foundation 55 years ago,

The Group’s starting point has been launched from Makkah and Jeddah. It’s inevitable to say that the Group’s activities were mainly based on the Islamic principles under the umbrella of the economic policies laid down by the national government which aims to create a healthy climate for investments and to develop economic growth.

Miracles are not created by mere dreams!! The Management has constantly applied extensive efforts which eventually resulted in the distinguished position occupied by the Group among other companies in the Gulf and Middle East region.

As an absolute result for such invaluable efforts, the Group has ranked 18th among the top companies in the Saudi Private sector. (According to the last survey being conducted in this regard) In addition, the Group’s factories have obtained the International ISO 9001 Certificate of Standards and Measurements Compliance.

To benefit from the modern techniques of science and technology, the Group has expanded its business abroad and made international relations with many European countries namely: Germany, Italy, and England which resulted in undeniable success. The Group has also adopted well-designed training programs in order to qualify the Saudi manpower.

A Global Presence

From our modest roots in Saudi Arabia some 70 years ago, today Marei Bin Mahfouz Group & Co. is a globally-respected, successful and diversified business.

We are present in Saudi Arabia, with operations in seven major industry sectors.

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We’re helping people who strive for better to have better

In line with the vision of our founder, we’re compelled to improve the social and economic welfare of the growing population of the MENA region – and beyond.

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Changing Lives

We do not define people by their problems but by their potential.
That’s why we invest in training, job creation, and businesses aimed at helping communities transform themselves.
It’s also why we support and showcase art and artists to inspire and nurture people worldwide.

job opportunities created nationally since 2000.

“Pioneering positive change in the communities we serve – and far beyond.”


As a respected partner and a trusted advisor in the Middle East, Indonesia and Turkey, or ‘MENA’ region, Marei Bin Mahfouz Group and Co. is continually uncovering new potential to encourage and facilitate trading and investment opportunities that enable our partners and new markets to mutually prosper and thrive.